4 Effective Tips for Better Earthwork Estimates and Boost Your Bidding Strategy


Nobody wants to mess up their earthwork estimates and end up paying for it later. An affordable site model offers a solution by providing accurate earthwork estimates for contractors without breaking the bank. For many smaller and mid-sized contractors, juggling site work and estimates can take time and effort. This service helps them bid on more projects by taking the load off their shoulders. However, doing takeoffs manually is time-consuming, especially for those balancing day jobs with night estimates.

High-end estimating software can be super expensive, costing up to $24,000 a year per user. That’s a hefty sum, especially for smaller contractors who might only need it for a few projects. A professional earthwork construction plan comprises a more budget-friendly approach, charging an average of $300 to $500 per estimate. By opting for this service, contractors can tap into the latest technology and expertise without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win situation where accurate estimates are provided at an affordable price, helping contractors bid smarter and win more projects.

Tips for Making Earthwork Estimates

Learn how to ensure accuracy and save time during your takeoff process:

Familiarize Yourself with Your Engineer’s Drawings

Before starting a project, it’s essential to understand the drawings made by your local engineer. Sometimes, plans could be more timely and complete, so estimators need to use their best judgment. By familiarizing yourself with past projects and the engineer’s drawing style, you can make more accurate assumptions about the design. It helps ensure that everyone is working properly and according to the blueprints. It reduces the risk of misunderstandings during the project.

Spotting Errors in The Earthwork Plans

Sometimes, engineers need to correct their plans for earthwork construction. These errors could be minor, like typos or more significant ones. Estimators who are knowledgeable about the industry excel at identifying these errors. Once detected, they rectify them and inform the project owner of the adjustments made. It’s crucial to spot these mistakes to ensure the project progresses smoothly. Precision is vital, particularly concerning earthwork construction takeoff plans. Therefore, thorough checks are conducted to guarantee everything is accurate. This attention to detail helps keep the project on course and saves time and money.

Soil Borings for Smooth Construction

Soil borings are like insurance for construction projects. They help understand if the soil planned to be moved around the site is suitable. Sometimes, rocks need blasting, or other soils require special treatment. By conducting enough soil borings, unexpected costs can be avoided. These borings help create a detailed plan, showing exactly what materials are where. This way, the construction team knows what to expect and can budget accordingly. Without proper soil testing, there might be more spending on moving materials than planned. So, soil borings are crucial for keeping construction projects on track and within budget.

Efficiency Tips for Using Software

Learning about the earthwork takeoff software’s features is essential to work faster.

  • The software helps estimators determine how much material they need for projects like digging or grading.
  • Learning all the tricks of the software can cut your time in half.
  • Some helpful features include auto contours, which automatically draw lines on the map, template functions that let you reuse previous work, and hotkeys for quick commands.
  • Getting good at using these features can make you much faster at your job. It’s like knowing shortcuts that help you get things done quicker.

So, spend time practicing and getting familiar with the software. The better you understand it, the faster you can finish your work, leaving you more time for other things.

How does Takeoff Professional Service’s Underground Utilities stand out?

Exceptional Expertise Provided:

The team guarantees the highest level of proficiency for your projects beneath the surface. Whether digging tunnels, laying pipelines, or any other underground endeavor, we have covered you with our wealth of knowledge and skill.

Maps and Earthwork Takeoff Plans:

The accurate map services show how much the professional works to provide the best and most reliable information. They use fancy technology to map what’s under the surface, like pipes, tunnels, and rocks.

Assessment to Checkout Risks and Solutions:

The site evaluation thoroughly examines your project area to find any possible problems or difficulties. It helps the estimators come up with specific plans that fit exactly what your project needs.

Get Diverse Utility Services with Takeoff Professional Services

Explore a wide range of underground utility services with Takeoff Professional Services, your ultimate destination for all things underground. Whether mapping or excavation, we handle everything to meet your needs. Safety is our top priority, and we focus on creating a secure environment for your project. By accurately locating utilities, we reduce the risks associated with underground construction. Trust us for seamless and reliable earthwork takeoff estimation services from start to finish. With our expertise, your project is in safe hands.

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