Our Process

Our Process Summarized

Why outsource your estimation needs?

There are practical considerations to be made when choosing to outsource takeoff estimations. When business is good, you may be able to have an in-house estimator. Other times it is wise to not take on another employee. Alternately, it is often very wise to acquire a second estimate for comparison.

Other reasons include:

  • Contractors with overloaded estimating departments.
  • Contractors without on-staff estimators.
  • Architects / Designers can use our service to come up with budgets for their clients.
  • Contractors can use our service to double check current estimates.
  • General Contractors can use our service to double check the estimates/change orders of their subcontractors.
  • Contractors who receive addenda plans on current projects can use our service to compare and quantify what has changed, been deleted or been added.
  • Contractors can also use our service for actual plan quantity takeoffs once awarded a job, i.e., a job is bid on a per sq. ft. price, once awarded, our service can be used to do quantity takeoffs for cu. yd. of concrete, lf of form boards, sq. ft. of finishes, etc.