Choose the Best Plan for Your Company

Monthly Plan
$2000/ Month
You get complete independence with your takeoff resource, book for a month and get our lowest rate.

Starting at $2000 per month! Dedicated resources are available on monthly basis from Mondays through Fridays.
Weekly Plan
$150/ Day
Book our takeoff resource for a week to get accumulating work wrapped up quickly, as a very reasonable cost to you.

Prices start at $150 per day.
Single Day Plan
$200/ Day
For modest tasks that take less than a day to estimate, we charge $200. You still get a fully trained skilled Takeoff Specialist.

Why Choose Us

The Stats Add Up to Awesome

70000+ Projects

150+ Certified Takeoff Specialists


100+ Global Employees

4 Locations Including USA

17+ Years in Business

500+ Customer & Companies Served provides Takeoff Specialists worldwide to count and measure takeoffs from construction plans, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks that will earn you more jobs. Our takeoff specialists are available monthly and daily and can finish projects in either On-Center or Planswift style. When the takeoff is completed, you load it back into your software copy and finalize your bid. We keep it in your account for up to 6 months for your benefit.

Available Takeoff Services

landscape irrigation Takeoffps

Designing Irrigation Systems in AutoCAD

The design of an irrigation system can be done using abacuses, graphs, and tables prepared directly by irrigation material manufacturers. It shows the maximum allowable planimetric development for the type of product being considered (conducted and dispensers) under various pressure, flow, and slope conditions.
  • Earthwork
  • Underground Utilities
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Paint / Wall Finishes
  • Flooring
  • Stick Framing
  • Site Striping / Signage
  • Landscape / Irrigation
  • Hardscape
  • Plumbing

Why We Are The Best Choice?

Hire us to take care of your time-consuming takeoff work. When you use our services, you will have more time and save more money. Concentrate on the vital things and leave the rest to us. Our project managers and engineers are standing by to assist you!
The Speediest Turnaround
With a 24-to-48-hour turnaround time, we provide quantity takeoff services.
Prices that are within reach
Our building quantity takeoffs are reasonably priced, with prices average $100.
Professional Team with a Wide Range of Experience
Our team consists of Takeoff Specialists, Engineers, Field Experts, and Construction Managers.
Accurate and Detailed Material Lists
By using the most up-to-date technologies and our built-in building material list database based on zip code, we can ensure the accuracy of our material list.
Specialist in Takeoff Certification
Our team includes a skilled Takeoff Specialist with proven credentials and experience. Plan Swift, Bluebeam, Trimble, Accubid, RS Means, Cost Works, and Quest Estimating are some of the programs we employ.
92% Bid-to-Hit Ratio
Our takeoff has a bid winning ratio of more than 92%, according to our prior contractor’s bid records.


Who We Are

Takeoff Professional Services a Trusted Provider of construction takeoff services generates material lists, audits projects, and administers construction contracts for all levels and types of construction. These professionals, also known as takeoff services, create a ‘Bill of Quantities,’ which details the various components necessary to complete the project. At Takeoff Professional Services, we offer professional material list creators that may act as virtual advisors for your quantity takeoff requirements.

70000+ Projects | 500+ Customers & Companies Served | 17+ Years in Business


Takeoff has showed tremendous skill in cost engineering over my time working with them. I can always rely on their expertise and professionalism.

Gale Stone
Shawn Grant
Project Manager

Over the last few years, Takeoff has been an important member of our development team. Their cost and quantity estimates are detailed and well documented, and they are an important aspect of our budgeting process for land acquisitions. Their building cost assessment services have our complete support.

Mark Hathaway
Mark Stowell

We are quite happy with the service we received. For us, they produce approximately one takeoff per day. They are quite competent. They are someone we will continue to use and highly suggest.

Jack Garner
Office Manager