10 Tips for Accurate Construction Estimates

Getting your construction costs right is essential for your business. Accurate estimates ensure you make a profit. There is a chance of losing the job with high bids, although, with too low bids, you might earn little or no profit. To help you with this task, we’ve put together ten tips to improve your construction takeoffs. These tips will help you create precise project proposals and avoid common mistakes.

Follow these tips to enhance your construction takeoff process and ensure competitive and profitable bids. With more accurate estimates, you will be better positioned to win jobs and maximize profits.

Develop a Detailed Checklist

Not all construction jobs are the same, so having a detailed checklist is essential. This checklist should cover everything you need for any job and all the cost estimates. Instead of starting from scratch each time, you can refer to your master checklist and check off the items specific to the current job. It saves time and ensures everything is noticed.

Additionally, it is essential to have a set of plans that both you and your client have agreed upon. Include every project detail and ensure the client signs off on it. Clear communication helps avoid costly changes and keeps the project running smoothly.

Be Prepared for Cost Fluctuations

It is crucial to monitor material prices because they can change due to many factors, particularly today.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there a high demand for certain materials?
  • Are you doing custom work?
  • Will there be delivery challenges?
  • Do seasonal changes affect prices and logistics?
  • Do you need a quicker turnaround than usual?

Understand product availability, scheduling delays, and cost implications if materials are not ordered on time. If the architect chooses unfamiliar materials, learn about their installation, any extra labor needed, and how the scheduling and pricing deadlines will impact the job.

Using accurate construction estimates can help you plan for these variables effectively.

Figure Out Your Equipment Needs

Your construction estimate should list all the equipment needed for the job, considering how different machines will fit and work together. Decide if it is cheaper to use your equipment or rent it. Also, check your schedule to ensure the equipment is available and not being used on another project. Use our construction estimation services to make the best choices!

Verify and Compare Subcontractor Quotes

When getting quotes from subcontractors for your construction job, it is essential to examine them closely. Just like you examine your costs, review theirs, too. Also, avoid accepting bids where costs could change later. You need a subcontractor to give you a fixed price based on your needs. This way, you can have confidence in your construction estimations and budget planning.

Construction Estimations Beyond Labor Costs

Estimating construction costs is more than just how much your workers get paid. There’s a lot more to consider! You must consider taxes, benefits, and other expenses like tools and trucks. Remember overhead costs and the support staff you need. Plus, weather and worker productivity play a significant role. So, when doing construction estimations, account for all these factors to get an accurate picture of your project costs.

Verify Hourly Rates for Skilled Workers

Ensuring the hourly rate for specialty labor is accurate in construction takeoffs involves more than just looking at wages. You must consider payroll costs, including benefits, insurance, and taxes. Once you have figured out the total hourly rate, you can calculate how many additional crew members are needed and set the rate accordingly. It is all about ensuring you are paying the right amount for the skilled workers on your construction team.

Calculate Costs per Unit

In construction estimations, it is crucial to be fast and accurate to win projects. Instead of spending weeks on complex calculations, follow these simple steps:

  • Gather all the items needed for the job.
  • Assign a cost to each item based on how much it typically costs.
  • Add up all the costs and have someone knowledgeable review them for accuracy.
  • Then, add your markup – the extra amount that covers your profit and other expenses.

Using unit cost estimates, which break down costs for each item or service, lets you quickly and accurately price your work. It helps you stay competitive and win more jobs.

Take Advantage Of Modern Tools

Make the most of technology for construction estimations. With modern software, you can do automatic calculations, saving time compared to manually. Instead of sitting at a desk for ages with paper and a calculator, try out new software. It gives accurate estimates quickly, leaving more time to meet clients and grow your business.


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