Planting Systems

Planting Systems

Planting systems are chosen based on the orchard’s location, climate and topography, plant species to be planted, and orchard management procedures. Growing systems are also known as layout systems, because no one strategy is appropriate for planting fruit plants in all situations.



  • Planning the Orchard: Make a plan that will allow the producer to give the most cost-effective orchard management, as well as a cost-effective layout and placement of roads, drains, irrigation channels, hedges, and windbreaks, among other things.
  • Prepare Layout Systems: Layout refers to determining the location of trees, roads, and structures in the orchard that is being constructed. The systematic planting of trees is referred to as a layout system.
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Square system


Rectangular system


Hexagonal System


Quincunx or Diagonal system


Contour system


Terrace system

Determine Counts, Measure Areas, and Calculate Linear Feet

Measure the measurements of an area quickly and accurately to calculate how much seed, sod, mulch, gravel, pavers, tiles, and other materials you’ll need. Look for symbols in landscaping layouts to automatically count elements like shrubs, trees, and stones. To calculate piping lengths for irrigation, measure linear feet, and utilize Takeoff’s auto-count option to count sprinkler heads efficiently.

Takeoff is simple to use, cloud-based for access from anywhere, and completely adaptable for your specific landscaping project requirements. Sign up for a free Takeoff account and use our landscaping estimating and takeoff tools to grow your landscaping business.

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Sample Estimates

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done with previous clients.

Square planting projects

  • Wood beams
  • Wood screws
  • ​Lay the carboard
  • Tape measure etc.

Contour Planting Projects

  • Hillside ditch
  • ​Vegetative barriers
  • ​Alley cropping etc.

Terrace Planting Projects

  • Trowel
  • Pruning Shears
  • Hose watering can
  • Garden rake etc.

All projects are covered under our Errors and Omissions Insurance so you can have peace of mind with our estimates. We backup up our construction estimating services.

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