Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Design

Irrigation systems can be designed to the smallest detail or as a simple zone map. Using our Distance Guide Tool, Takeoff allows you to correctly space pipes, heads, and valves. A fast concept diagram divides the system into zones and adds notations for controllers and backflows. You’ll find it straightforward to switch between simple client plans and complex installer plans.


Designing irrigation systems with abacuses, graphs, and tables

The design of an irrigation system can be done using abacuses, graphs, and tables prepared directly by irrigation material manufacturers. It shows the maximum allowable planimetric development for the type of product being considered (conducted and dispensers) under various pressure, flow, and slope conditions. For laterals, these catalogs, for example, show the maximum permitted length development while utilizing a specific pipe diameter and length.

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Irrigation Categories

  • Sleeving
  • Point of Connection (POC)
  • Mainline Pipe
  • Mainline Components
  • Remote Control valves
  • Lateral Line Pipe
  • Drip/Point Source Irrigation
  • Spray Irrigation
  • Rotor Irrigation
  • Controller/Electrical

Irrigation Design Software


Most irrigation software presumes you have a basic understanding of irrigation design. The perfect ones that do the calculations cost a lot more than hiring a professional to build a moderate-sized irrigation system for you. The less-priced boxed programs I’ve seen in stores only provide essential drafting tools for making attractive plans. They don’t automate any more difficult design processes, such as determining pipe widths or sprinkler head placement. However, there are a lot of them, and I must say that I haven’t looked at all of them. If you come across a reasonably priced program (around $500 US) that claims to select the optimum sprinkler sites, route the pipes, and provide the exact pipe diameters, please let us know! Technology is continually advancing, and I believe the day will arrive.

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Sample Estimates

Here are some examples of projects we’ve done with previous clients.

Drip Irrigation Projects

  • Water pump
  • Filter unit
  • ​Mainline
  • Lateral pipes etc.

Subsurface Irrigation Projects

  • PVC and polyethylene Pipe
  • Quick coupling light
  • ​Steel pipes and layflat etc.

Gravity Irrigation Projects

  • A water reservoir
  • Piping
  • Timer and filter
  • Valves and drip lines etc.

All projects are covered under our Errors and Omissions Insurance so you can have peace of mind with our estimates. We backup up our construction estimating services.

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